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Drone shooting in Tunisia

All your needs for a birds eye view shots


Aerial Cinematography

With our 6k Raw Capable drone, we are ready to tackle the most complicated shots for your drama or commercial. thanks to it's a Dual Remote, we can achieve smooth movements with safety in mind. 
Clandestino will handle for you all the paper work needed to obtain the aerial shooting permit.

We have an online aerial video library with available licenses to puchase. Several Tunisian regions are covered. This is a perfect solution for productions that can't wait for the permit to be issued.

Here is a link to our dedicated Youtube Channel : Tunisia Drone Video Stock Footage


2D and 3D mapping

As the technology evolves, we are now capable to produce 2D and 3D georeferenced maps with high resolution up to 1cm/px.
This kind of maps are useful on a variety of industries such as construction, agriculture, infrastructure, mining etc



Drones can go where men can't. They can deliver high quality photos or videos of a power line or a gaz pipe without risking the life of humans.

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